They Shoot Zombies, Don't They?

The Top 50 Horror Directors


Current Version: April 2015 (1st edition)

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There are very few definitively influential horror directors, and very few good directors who have spent the majority of the careers focused on horror. However, there are some out there and I’ve attempted to create a list to honour them. This is far from a perfect or totally definitive list – it was a lot harder to find information and lists for this one than the film related lists.

The results have been calculated from a number of horror director lists, as well as from all the films that received votes in calculations for the Greatest Films list, and a few other bits and pieces. This list should hopefully give a decent look at the most popular and influential horror directors. Not all classic directors in this list made a huge number of horror films, but few can deny the legacy that their films have left behind. Some of the modern filmmakers on the list have not made many films so far, but their placement indicates not only how they’re affecting us and the genre now, but what more they have to give and their potential status as classic horror filmmakers.

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