They Shoot Zombies, Don't They?


About This List

As a film fan, I try to broaden my horizons as much as possible and have been following They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They? for the last few years, which I completed in 2014. Unfortunately, my taste tends to lie outside the general critic consensus and I didn’t like more than half of the films. My true love lies with horror and most horror lists that I come across are either questionable or I’ve already completed them and it’s quite disappointing how under-represented they are in ‘greatest film’ lists. A lot of these lists are also, disappointingly, quite small and feature the same few films over and over.

One day amidst my struggle to complete TSPDT, I was thinking of other ways to play on the name – when I thought up ‘Zombies’, I was immediately overcome with the urge to attempt a canonical list dedicated entirely to horror. I was a bit disappointed to find that there is a severe lack of horror lists available, but I’ve collected various lists from all over the web and have assigned them an ‘importance’ (similarly to the way TSPDT is compiled) and this list is the result.

Due to the fact that horror is readily dismissed from film ‘experts’ and ‘scholarly’ types and their lists are very limited and often no larger than a top 10, I have also included lists from ‘average Joe’s’ who have websites, blogs or are generally respected on certain websites. Whilst this may seem to decrease the legitimacy of the list, I think it actually does the opposite; it gives us a list representative of everyone and every kind of film, from popular films to genre-changing films to critically acclaimed films to historically/culturally/politically important films. Also, keep in mind that each list is weighted and lists from randoms are heavily penalized in comparison to lists from better sources.

Although it will never be a true horror ‘replica’ of TSPDT – which is not my intention anyway, the list was purely an inspiration – I think the resulting list is very representative of the best of horror. I’m always on the lookout for more lists, so if you find any that I’ve not already collated, please send them to me at

PS: This is a personal project that I started and continue to work on purely because I enjoy it. Many people have expressed their appreciation and criticism about the list, and though I take suggestions into consideration, I made this list for myself. I am glad other people are getting use out of it and are helping me perfect the way the list is compiled, but this is still my personal pet project that I’ve chosen to share and make public and the intent of the list will not change.

Special Thanks

Alyxstarr – compiling lists
Bill Georgaris – creating They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They? in the first place (this list/website is not affiliated with either TSPDT or Bill, but was my inspiration)
Chris Reynolds – compiling lists, retrieving IMDb film info, collecting screenshots and reviews for the website & rewriting mjf314’s program
CMT – compiling lists
Frbrown – compiling lists
Kingink – compiling lists
Melvelet – compiling lists
Mjf314 – devising a weighting and point distribution system & creating the original filmcounter program
PeacefulAnarchy – compiling lists
Timec – compiling lists

and everyone else who sent me lists and kept me motivated throughout this project!

About Me

I’m a 26 year old film fan hailing from Perth, Australia. My love of horror began at an early age, due to my dad being a horror fan. I can’t really remember my ‘first’ horror movie, but the most vivid memory I have from my childhood was begging my dad to let me watch The Evil Dead when I was 7; to which he finally gave in and after sitting in terror for 40 minutes, I started crying during the pencil in the ankle scene and I never finished the film until almost 10 years later. My favourite horror film of all time is From Dusk Till Dawn. I am currently studying film and am a supervisor at a stocktaking company. In my spare time I watch films, TV shows, play video games, read and make lists.

  • Antonio Kowatsch

    A friend recommended this website to me because I love horror movies.
    This was just what I needed.

    God bless.

    • TSZDT

      Hope you enjoy the list and watch some cool movies 🙂

  • Dagon Cleo Macready

    I only discovered this site recently – as a horror movie fan, this is absolutely invaluable. Thank you.

  • Jason Mckelvie

    i recomend adding this film : Shogun’s Sadism (徳川女刑罰絵巻 牛裂きの刑 Tokugawa onna keibatsu-emaki: Ushi-zaki no kei?) is a 1976 Japanese splatter film

  • Tom Green

    Don’t know if you still update but wondering if you’ll add in more recent movies like It Follows to the list?

    • TSZDT

      This isn’t my personal list, I don’t add films that I think should be there. It depends entirely on the lists that are compiled. It will be updated once a year, so this edition will remain static until the next update.